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December, 2021 newsletter

New What’s Good About Anger? Dealing with Rage! Fifth Edition!

Blog post: Breaking Out of Anger!


Register now  for the January 27-28, 2022 Anger Management Specialist Training Webinar. Or Take our online course training and supervision instead!

This webinar is approved by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) for Anger Management Specialist I or II credential! (NAMA membership/certification application and fee submitted by attendees directly to NAMA after workshops). Register online here! Deadline for registration Jan. 15, 2022. Download the registration flyer! Anger Specialist Training webinars are approved by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) for Anger Management Specialist I or II credential. Approved for 12 National Board for Certified Counselors CE hours: ACEP #6577; 12- NBCC CEs accepted by NAADAC and many State Social Worker Boards. Approved for 12 CEUs by the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (TBHEC) for LPCs, LSWs, LMFTs; 13 CEUs by NAMA and 13 CEUs by IAODAPCA – program #15792.

Obtain certification as an Anger Management Specialist (CAMS-I or II) with the National Anger Management Association by taking the Online Trainer-Specialist Certification Course with video (fastest way). Online program provides 12 NBCC CE hours, ACEP #6577; and 12 IAODAPCA CEUs. Two hours of Phone/zoom Supervision required after course completion to obtain NAMA credential.

Zoom Anger Management sessions for individuals. Obtain a certificate of completion for court or employer-ordered needs or for personal growth. Illinois residents only. Enroll here.

For personal or court-ordered needs: Anger Management 6 or 8 Week/hour Online & Phone Training Course

Anger Management Evaluations: phone and Zoom Online Anger Management Course: Court-Ordered

Anger Management 12 Week/hour Online & Home-study Certificate Course

Read about our coaching or counseling services (Illinois residents only) here!

Visit our new site for: Anger Coaching

New Kid’s Anger Management 14 lesson book/workbook for 6-10 year olds! Buy one get one free! “What’s Good About Anger? Includes color content and images, projects and application questions and activities designed for learning to control anger. The Fourth edition adult book will be mailed to purchaser along with one Kid’s Workbook. Covers all the strategies to help children learn how to express anger in healthy ways!

Order Kid’s Workbook here!

It is recommended that a parent, counselor or teacher work with younger children in teaching the principles and skills in the book and workbook. 

We offer evidence-based Anger Management curriculum, workshops & resources for counselors, social workers, leaders, pastors, coaches, law enforcement officers, chaplains, educators, health professionals, managers & many other leaders!

New Book for couples struggling with anger, conflict and resentment:

Helping Couples to Repair, Restore, & Revitalize Their Relationships– a 16 lesson book by Seigel Bartley, PhD, LPC-S, CAMS-V; and Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V.
This expanded couple’s book and workbook explore the emotion of anger and how anger can be put to work for good. Includes practical skills,  discussion questions for couples, an emphasis on Releasing Anger and Hostility through heartfelt forgiveness and the best anger management strategies for real relationship change! Order here! Buy one – get one free!

Dr. Bartley and Lynette Hoy co-presented AACC pre-conference and conference workshops in Opryland, Sept. 27-30, 2017! “Seeing Red: Best Practices for Anger Management” and “Motivating Couples to Release Their Anger Through Heartfelt Forgiveness”. Sept. 2020: Dr. Bartley and Lynette Hoy will be co-presenting a 3-hour pre-conference workshop in the AACC National conference “Managing Control Freaks, Toxic Anger and Violence.”

Book/workbook for teens, parents and teachers:

What’s Good About Anger? Helping Teens Manage Their Anger: In the Home, School & Community. A 17-lesson learning resource for teens, parents and teachers by Seigel Bartley, PhD, LPC-S, CAMS-V and Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V!  Buy one – Get one free!

Subscribe to the Quick Tips for Managing Anger podcasts with Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V.  Click to listen to: Best Steps for Managing Anger.

View all of our Anger Management resources, courses and programs on our Shopping Mall!

Read the current Evidence-based Summary of the Anger Management Institute Programs!
The Anger Management Institute is now offering CEUs for our Teen Anger Management course and training. View the Teen course here! Or consider purchasing the Teen Leader’s Group Curriculum.  

Anger Management Institute Starter Kit for Leaders. Includes Ten Steps to Starting an Anger Management Business, 12- Expanded 16 Week/Lesson combination Book/workbooks for groups or individuals, instructions for connecting with courts and employers, assessments, inventories;  leader’s guide, DVD and power point tools for groups. Order now!

Credentials and Benefits of The Anger Management Institute Training Certification: Read Blog post.

Need Anger Management Counseling or Coaching?

Read about our coaching or counseling services here!

Spanish Edition of What’s Good About Anger? ¿QUÉ HAY DE BUENO EN LA IRA? Libro y cuaderno ampliado acerca del manejo de la ira.

La mayoría de la gente cree que la ira es una emoción negativa de la cual nada bueno puede proceder. Mucha gente piensa que la ira no debe expresarse y que tales sentimientos son malos. Este libro de trabajo explora la ira como emoción y cómo el enojarse—lo cual es parte de la experiencia humana—puede utilizarse para el bien.

Visit the Anger Management Institute shopping mall for all of our resources! Many workbooks and books are “buy one – get one free!”

New Resources for Couples, Individuals, Leaders and Others:

Healing the Wounds of Anger in Marriage Leader’s curriculum!

Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V & Steve Yescheck, LCSW, CAMS-IV co-presented Healing the Wounds of Anger in Marriage workshop to 270 participants at the AACC conference in Opryland on Sept. 25, 2015! Order the Healing the Wounds of Anger in Marriage group curriculum here.

Purchase the book on the mall!

Or order the Couple’s Anger Management Online Course.

Order the New 52-Week Expanded Anger Management Book & Workbook! Or order the Leaders 52-Week Curriculum! Includes everything your clients need for a 52 week course and program. “Ms. Hoy, This course has changed my life!!! I have come so far in 12 weeks– I went from the brink of divorce to bettering my marriage and relationship with my children to where we all agree there is a better life is ahead. I still have aways to go and I have your book and DVD to guide me along my journey. I truly feel that the LORD led me to you for help and I am eternally grateful to you and your staff. Forever Grateful!” Michael B. You can enroll in a course here!

Continuing Education Courses Online: provides NBCC CE clock hours: Provider #6577 and NAMA CEUs: Provider #102.
Cognitive restructuring, stress management, assessment and referral, teen anger management issues, ethics, coaching and more!

Anger Management book/workbook for teens: Includes teen scenarios, how to manage anger, aggression, hostility, bullying, conflict and more!
rder this new book/workbook, or the teen curriculum for groups.

Topics: When Anger is Good; Triggers for Anger; Conflict Resolution; Managing Stress; Handling Anger Effectively; Assertiveness; Forgiveness; Emotional Intelligence; Facing Consequences; Defusing Anger and Hostility; What If Situations; Accepting Responsibility, Dealing with Bullying, and more!

Anger Management Groups; Anger Management Evaluations; Expanded Workbook (16 lessons); Seminars and Courses

Anger Management Evaluations: Do you need an anger management evaluation for court or for an employer? We offer office (Chicagoland area), phone and online evaluations by nationally certified anger management specialists. Contact Lynette Hoy, President of the Anger Institute at: 708.341.5438. You can order the Evaluation online in our shopping mall

Revised and Expanded Anger Management Book and Workbook (2016) for a general readership. Now includes over 16 lessons covering the best anger management strategies from the Fourth edition book; questions and practical scenarios for real life application.
This expanded workbook includes: practical tools, “what if?” real life situations; assertiveness examples; cognitive strategies and positive skills for personal and relational change.  Order the expanded workbook now!
Or order the new 16 week/lesson Leader’s Group Curriculum Can be adapted for 8-12 week groups!

What’s Good About Anger? Putting Your Anger to Work for Good, Fourth edition, now available as an ebook on Amazon for Kindle or at Barnes and Noble for Nook! Purchase the Fourth edition print version!

Take the online anger management course and receive your Certificate of Completion in just 3 days! Start now! You can preview the online course now and read the Foreword

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Dr. Pfeiffer, the President of the National Anger Management Association, presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Lynette Hoy at the International NAMA conference April 5th in DC! Glen Cannon and Steve Yeschek accepted it on her behalf:

Want to teach anger management or lead groups? Order one of the Group Anger Management Curriculum for leaders & facilitators.

Confidential Anger Coaching Services

Are you a professional, executive, corporate manager, business man or woman overwhelmed with anger, stress and conflict on the job? Or maybe you are dealing with too much stress and anger in your marriage or other significant relationships? Anger management coaching seeks to help you transform the energy of anger into positive channels which benefit your life and relationships and help you achieve your goals. Read more about the Anger Management Institute coaching services.

“This has been such an important lesson for me, and I feel that in just this short time of learning I have made great improvements in my behavior and ability to work with others and manage my anger effectively and appropriately….” Read more comments & reviews

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