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Anger Management Institute

Foreword of Books- First Edition, Fifth Edition

What’s Good About Anger? Dealing With Rage

(2021): Fifth Edition

What’s Good About Anger? keeps getting better and better. It has always been about the transformation of destructive anger into something much more positive. With the addition of a new Emotional Intelligence chapter it has become even more helpful to those of us who suffer from never having been exposed to a healthy way to approach our angry emotions.

Suffering from anger management problems can frequently be a very discouraging plight. For example, one of the difficulties with mis-managed anger is that there is always something that triggers it, but when we are ineffective in managing our anger, we become the unacceptable focus of disdain…and the issue that generated it all often gets lost. It can sometimes seem rather hopeless. How can we move from a psychic reaction which is seemingly life robbing and destructive to a method of responding to our feelings of anger that is more life giving?

Lynette Hoy and Ted Griffin have created an anger management program which places an emphasis on hope. The What’s Good About Anger program successfully shifts the hopeless approach focusing on experiences and expressions of anger as “bad,” to a method that says “let’s learn how to use the benefits of anger for productive purposes.” So it is through the modeling of an empathic approach to anger problems that allows participants to actually experience “empathy” and find new hope to grow and to develop higher levels of consciousness.

This new edition offers practical solutions to anger problems in the form of helpful skills, concepts, and techniques to help anyone deal with anger more effectively. The program increases awareness of emotions and discusses emotional intelligence in a positive way. Lynette Hoy has touched all the bases of state-of-the-art anger management solutions doing so in both a scientific and spiritually sensitive manner.

You are in good hands here and as you take this program seriously you will find the benefits of decreased stress, shame, distorted thinking, and also a lessening of anger itself. You will discover the hope that you have “a moment” to make a choice between either destructive “punishing” or creative problem solving. We can grow! We can develop to higher levels of consciousness.

Rich Pfeiffer –
Richard Pfeiffer, MDiv, PhD, is the President of the Board of Directors for NAMA, the National Anger Management Association and the Director/Founder of Growth Central, and the author of eight Real Solution Workbooks.

First Edition
First Edition (2014)

“Just now I finished reading What’s Good About Anger? and my first thought was, “I wish I had read this a long time ago.” It is so chockfull of biblical truth, wise counsel, and old-fashioned common sense that I believe it will be a great help to anyone who puts into practice the truth it teaches.

Many years ago, during a pastorate in California, I decided to preach a sermon series called “The Marriage Clinic.” In order to involve the congregation, I devised a list of about 20 possible topics and asked people to vote for the ones they most wanted to hear. The plan was so successful that I decided to repeat it the next year with a different series called “The Family Clinic.” When I offered my list of potential topics to the congregation, only one was repeated from the year before. To my surprise that topic received the most votes two years in a row. The winner: “How to Handle Anger and Bitterness.”

In the years since then, I have discovered that I should not have been surprised at all. Lots of church members, some of them very faithful and very devout, harbor hidden reservoirs of anger and bitterness.

Sometimes the anger lies just below the surface, popping up in the form of a sharp tongue and a critical, unhappy spirit. Other times it shows itself in a tendency to resort to physical violence. More often the anger lies deeper, hidden even to the person, like a snake coiled in the grass, waiting to strike when the time is right. This explains why some people who appear to be sunny, cheerful types can under certain types of pressure explode in a rage that can be dangerous and sometimes deadly.

As Lynette Hoy and Ted Griffin make clear, anger is one of our most powerful emotions. Left unchecked, it can destroy us in every way we can be destroyed. It festers within, choking out our joy, clouding our perspective, corroding our thinking, and rendering us unable to have healthy relationships. So many marriages suffer because of anger that is not handled properly. And so many children have been hurt because a parent reacted wrongly under pressure.

This much we already know. But this book leads us beyond the problem to a truly biblical solution. You may be surprised to know that anger itself is not evil or wrong. We all get angry from time to time. It’s how we respond to our anger, what we do about it, and how we express it that makes all the difference. Healthy anger actually promotes spiritual growth and positive relationships. If that thought surprises you, get ready for even more surprises as you read this book.

I am very grateful to Lynette and Ted for making this material available. I needed to read it myself. I think you’ll feel the same way when you are finished. Here is a book filled with truth that can set you free. Read it, digest it, and then put it to work in your own life.”

Dr. Ray Pritchard, Author, Speaker, Pastor

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