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Anger Management Institute

Which Book Version is Right for You?

The following describes the content of the First edition (faith based) version of What’s Good About Anger? and the expanded content of the Fourth Edition (2016) for a general readership and audience of What’s Good About Anger? by Co-authors Lynette Hoy and Ted Griffin. Contact Lynette Hoy with questions or to place an order at: 630-368-1880, ext. 1 or directly at: 708.341.5438.

Faith-based Edition:
This book is written with a strong faith emphasis geared for Christian anger management. Most people believe that anger is a negative emotion from which no good can come. Many Christians think that anger should not be expressed and that such feelings are sinful. The authors present a biblical approach to managing anger, identifying the process of anger; biblical examples of "good anger"; and how faith, assertiveness, problem-solving and forgiveness impact anger and can be used by God for his purposes.

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Chapter Titles:

Introduction and Instructions;
Group Guidelines
1. Anger Survey: Anger Log
2. Anger’s Many Faces
3. The Power of Anger
4. When Anger is Good
5. The Role of Faith
6. Handling Anger Biblically
7. Turning Anger into Forgiveness and Grace
8. When to Take a Time-Out
9. Cognitive Distortions
10. Log Your Thinking
11. Plan to Change Your Life by Changing Your Thinking and Trusting God
12. Summary
Application Devotionals for Anger Management

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Fourth 2016 Edition (for a general readership)

What’s Good About Anger? Putting Your Anger to Work for Good, with new Foreword by Dr. Rich Pfeiffer

Most people believe that anger is a negative emotion from which no good can come. Many people think that anger should not be expressed and that such feelings are wrong. This book explores the emotion of anger and how anger—which is a part of the human experience—can be put to work for good. This fourth edition expands on physiology of anger and integrates emotional intelligence skills with the best anger management strategies.

While this edition is written for a general readership – it still includes scriptural references for managing anger and examples from religious authorities regarding forgiveness.

  • How to Rate Your Anger and Progress: Anger Survey
  • Triggers for Anger
  • Many Faces of Anger
  • The Power of Anger
  • When Anger is Good
  • Defusing Anger by Managing Stress
  • Handling Anger Effectively
  • Anger and Assertiveness
  • Managing Conflict
  • Turning Anger into Forgiveness
  • When to Take a Break
  • Cognitive Distortions and Changing Thinking
  • How Emotional Intelligence Impacts Anger
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Anger

Co-authors Lynette Hoy and Ted Griffin present a fresh approach to managing anger and the key role that emotional intelligence plays – putting anger to work for good! Learn about how anger can be turned into assertiveness, problem-solving, empathy, conflict management and forgiveness. Applying the cognitive, behavioral and stress management skills from the What’s Good About Anger? book and workbooks can reduce your levels of anger, and help you learn effective coping behaviors to stop escalation and to resolve conflicts. Logging anger, triggering situations and applying new skills will help you more effectively control unhealthy anger responses.

This new book is co-authored by Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-IV and Ted Griffin, Editor/writer. Mrs. Hoy is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois, crisis counselor and anger management specialist. Mrs. Hoy is a Certified Anger Management Specialist-IV, Diplomate, Supervisor and Consultant with the National Anger Management Association and has trained and educated hundreds of clients, couples and students in anger management.Lynette has been trained in 40 hours of domestic violence advocacy and has written curriculum for churches on how to deal with domestic violence. Contact Lynette Hoy for questions about these resources at:

CounselCare Connection, P.C.
Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC
1200 Harger Road, Ste. 602
Oak Brook, IL 60523

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