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Anger Management Institute

~ Anger Management Institute~
Employer and Corporation Anger Management Services, Consultation, Seminars, Classes

Rate the severity of your anger from part one of the anger survey:

Your Assessment:

Your score:0
Category: I (little problem with anger)

Scoring explainer:

•   Category I: 1-10 points = little problem with anger.
•   Category II: 10-20 points – moderate problem with anger. *If either Category I or II includes trouble with the law, injury to others or self, drinking, depression, outbursts, experiencing anger several times a day, etc., you have a serious Category III – problem with anger.
•   Category III: 20 points and above – serious problem with anger.

If your anger level lies within Category 11 or 111, you should consider the following programs, resources and services:

You will be able to better assess your anger by completing the survey in What’s Good About Anger? and then, learn about triggers, cognitive distortions and turning anger into assertiveness, problem-solving, empathy and forgiveness.

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