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Anger Management Institute

Order Form

Please check item(s) you are paying for by credit card and completely fill out this pdf version of the order form with your credit card information, faxing all forms back to Lynette Hoy as instructed or order online at: Anger Management Institute shopping mall. See our: Trainer programs or Court ordered courses or Teen/Adult coaching or Anger resources Company checks accepted. Other checks require pre-authorization. See mailing address below. Contact Lynette Hoy directly at: 708.341.5438.

___Register for the next Anger Management 6-session Group on Mondays, 7:30-9:00 p.m. in the Oak Brook office. Join the first 2 weeks. Begins Sept. 10, 2012: This six-week Monday evening anger management group will help you develop anger management skills for personal growth and/or enhance your relationships/marriage. Are you mandated to take an anger management program by a court or employer or school? Our programs are approved by the Circuit Court of Cook County and other court jurisdictions.Certificates of completion offered for court/employer orders. Call 708.341.5438 for more information. Download registration form. Or Sign up online. Call Lynette Hoy to register or for more information at 708.341.5438. Includes curriculum.

Anger Management Trainer/Specialist Certification Workshops, Courses, & Curriculum for counselors, leaders, facilitators:
___Next Two-day Trainer/Specialist Certification Workshops:Register now for these 2 day workshops! Approved by NBCC & NASW for 12 CEs/CEUs and IAODAPCA for 13 CEUs! Location: Hyatt Place, Lombard, IL. Anger Management Institute trainer-specialist programs are now endorsed and approved by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) for designation as: Anger Management Specialist-1 or II. Call Lynette Hoy at 708.341.5438! Location: Lombard, IL or Dallas, TX.

___ New: 40 hour distance-learning, Advanced Trainer course which includes manuals, leader’s guides and power point learning tools and 4 phone supervision sessions to qualify for NAMA Anger Management Specialist-I credential: 12 hours of adult anger management training. 8 hours of adolescent anger management training. 8 hours of anger management coaching and skill application. 12 hours of assessment, ethics, marketing, business practices and research in anger management. Curriculum includes almost 8 hours of training DVDs with presenters: James Bedell, PsyD., Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC and Steve Yeschek, LCSW, plus, dvd and power point presentation tools for adult and adolescent seminars/classes!
Cost is: $550.00 (includes free shipping within the USA):___ (additional shipping charges for international orders will be applied)

___Anger Management Trainer Certification Course (Part one of Advanced Trainer Curriculum) for Community Groups: includes revised training manual, new third edition of book, leader’s guide for twelve sessions, quizzes, assessment tools, revised power point of seminar on cd, DVD of seminar. $250.00. Includes 8 hours of training DVDs from actual workshops: Total one course with shipping within the USA:$265.00___

___ Leader’s Anger Management Trainer certificate course- Faith & Communiity edition: includes revised training manual, community and faith leader’s guide for twelve sessions, participant workbook and community and faith book editions, DVDs of community and faith seminars, power point presentations on CD of community and faith seminars. $300.00. Includes almost 8 hours of training DVDs from actual workshops. Total with shipping within the USA: $320.00___

___Previously enrolled or certified Anger Management Institute Trainers qualify to complete Part two of Advanced course– Only $300.00 (receive 2nd Trainer manual with 20 lessons, Handbook for Anger Management by Dr. Potter-Efron, Adolescent 12 week leader’s guide and assessments, learn anger management coaching process & skills, coaching assessment tools and application, exam and Advanced Anger Management Trainer certification). Total: $310.00- includes shipping within the USA.

___ Trainers who are enrolled or certified by the Anger Management Institute through a home-study course may apply for new credential from National Anger Management Association: Anger Management Specialist-1 or II. If you have been certified through one of our distance-learning training courses – you may take the 4 required phone supervision sessions with Lynette Hoy or Steve Yeschek. $250.00 (30 min. each session)

___Innovative – Teen Anger Management course/program for leaders and trainers. Includes 12 week workbook with activities geared specifically for adolescents! New 12 week Leader’s guide for teen program, power point, and DVD with candid interviews for presentations! Includes teen pre and post self-test. $350.00 ___. Include trainer certification for extra $250.00 (exam, trainer’s manual, assessment tools) Total: $600.00 ___ Or add permission for duplication of teen workbook and receive the pdf file on CD for only $150.00 more (certification and pdf file cannot be ordered separately at this discounted price). Total for all:_________ (fill-in; includes free shipping within the USA)

Adult/teen Anger Coaching, Counseling, Anger Evaluation and Assessments, Teen Resources.
___Individual Anger Management Coaching or Counseling for Adults and Teens (office or phone): Read the Description of Anger Management Coaching Services.
___Anger Management Evaluation for court/employer mandated evaluation: $250.00 (includes novaco inventory and complete assessment):___
___Anger Management Evaluation plus one coaching session– includes assessment, phone consultation/interview and written recommendations. Includes shipping within USA: (office/phone) $350.00.___
—–Anger Management Coaching packet of information complete description and application!
___New Innovative – Teen Anger Management program for personal use.
Includes: 12 week teen workbook with creative activities geared specifically for adolescents! New- What’s Good About Anger? DVD with candid interviews and the new edition of the book! Only $103.00 (includes shipping within USA)___
(Teen workbooks not sold separately from sets)

Anger Management Certificate courses for Individuals, Groups, Couples and Families: court or employer ordered or for personal use. Check with your attorney or the court for approval of a distance-learning course. All courses include enrollment letters and certificates of completion.
___Anger Management Level One Certificate course, fast-paced, includes basic online course, book, workbook, exam and recommendations: $150.00 (court or employer ordered) Fast-paced! Total= $157.00 with shipping:____.

Six-52 week courses (unless otherwise specified – includes free shipping within USA):
___Six week anger management certificate program:. Book and online versions, 6 lessons, quizzes, final exam, report, certificate. $170.00. (no training)
___ Eight or Ten week anger management certificate programs:. Book/online versions, 8-10 lessons, DVD, quizzes, final exam, report/recommendations, certificate. $220.00 Faith version___ General version___
___12 week Anger Management Certificate Course for individuals: Special: $260.00 (court or employer ordered) Includes: 12 lessons, book/online versions, DVD, quizzes, training (optional), exam, certificate, recommendations:____.
___12 week Couples anger management course. Receive
2 books, DVD, two workbooks, quizzes, exams, certificate, recommendations. $360.00 total: ____
Check preference: Faith version___ General version___
___16-week Anger Management Certificate Course: $310.00 (Court or employer ordered) 16 lessons, DVD, training, book/online versions, quizzes, report/recommendations, exam, certificate of completion. Faith version___ General version___
___26 week Anger Management Certificate program: (court/employer ordered) includes book, DVD, 26 lessons, assignments, quizzes, recommendations/report, 2 training sessions, final exam, and certificate. $510.00. Faith version___ General version___
___ 32 week Anger Management Certificate program (court/employer ordered.) includes book, DVD, 32 lesson workbook, assignments, quizzes, recommendations/report, 2-3 training sessions, final exam, and certificate. $585.00. Faith version___ General version___
___ 40 week Anger Management Program (coutt/employer ordered) includes book, 40 lesson/week workbook, DVD, assignments, quizzes, recommendations/report, 3 training sessions, final exam, Certificate upon completion. Only $850. Faith version ___ General version ___
___52 week level six Anger Management program
(court/employer ordered) includes book, DVD, 52 lesson workbook, assignments, quizzes, recommendations, 3-4 training sessions,recommendations/report, final exam, and certificate. Now only $850.00. Faith version___ General version___
___Group Anger Management. Leader’s guide, book, DVD, 7 twelve week workbooks, power point. $405.00 includes shipping___.
___Family Anger Management Program: 4 books; 2 Adult 12 week workbooks; one Teen 12 week workbook (ages 11-17); one children’s workbook (12 weeks) for ages 7-11, DVD and outline. $210.00. Add workbooks: $15.00 each. Specify workbooks: ___ (number needed) Teen ___(number needed) Child. Total: _________ Substitute a teen workbook for children’s workbook:___ or substitute children’s for teen WB:___ Total (fill-in):___

___ DVD: What’s Good About Anger? (third edition book) seminar with Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC and Steve Yeschek, LCSW. This presentation includes candid interviews with students and adults and covers the whole second edition of the book. Excellent for personal, group or classroom use. $35.00 plus $7.50 for shipping = $42.50.___ Add book: Total: $55.00.____ Add 12-week workbook, book: Total: $70.00____
___DVD: What’s Good About Anger? (faith edition) six-part seminar with the co-authors. This insightful, practical and educational tool for individuals needing anger management or to teach church groups and classes: $35.00 plus $7.50 for shipping = $42.50.___ Add book: Total: $55.00.____ Add 12-week workbook, book: Total: $70.00____
____What’s Good About Anger? book and survey: includes evaluation and report of survey: $150.00 + $6.00 shipping:$156.00___. Add workbook: $15.00: $171.00___. Check version: Faith (2002)___ General (2006)___
___Third Edition Book+workbook: $30.00 +shipping =$37.50___
___First Edition (2002, faith-based) Book
: $15.00 plus shipping= $22.50___
___First Edition (faith-based) Book and Student/Participant Workbook: $30.00 plus shipping=$37.50____

___Other product/service: _________________________________________
amount to be processed on credit card: _____________

Please complete this pdf version of the order form with credit card information and fax to: 630-530-2066 to: Lynette J. Hoy or call her at: 630-368-1880, ext. 1 or directly at: 708.341.5438.

What’s Good About Anger? Resources Payment/Authorization Information

Please print pdf version of the order form to have your order processed. Fax to Lynette Hoy at: 1-630-530-2066 or send company and pre-authorized checks to Mrs. Hoy at the mailing address below.

1. Accepted Payment Method (circle one): MasterCard, Visa
1. Card Number: _______________________________
2. Expiration Date: _______________(mmyy)
3. Full name on credit card:___________________________
4. Product Description: ____________________________________________
5. Total Amount including shipping to be billed on credit card:____________ (international orders will be billed for shipping. Some products/courses include free shipping within the USA unless otherwise specified)

Customer Credit Card Billing Information
1. First Name:_________________
2. Last Name: _________________
3. Company:_______________________________
4. Address:________________________________
5. City:_______________________
7. Zip Code:________________
8. Country:________________
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10. Fax:__________________ (if you would like a receipt faxed to you)
11. Email:________________

Same as information entered in Billing Information: __________(check if yes)
or complete the shipping information below:
1. First Name:________________
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5. City:________________
6. State/Province:________________
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8. Country:________________
Note: all international orders will have to meet additional authorization and shipping costs.

Pre-authorized checks payable to: Lynette J. Hoy
Mailing address:
Lynette Hoy,
1200 Harger Road, Suite 603,
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 USA
630-368-1880, ext. 1
Fax: 630.530.2066

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