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Anger Management Institute

Anger Management Evaluations, Testing and Assessments

Assessments and Evaluations: Do you need an anger management assessment or evaluation for court or for an employer? We offer phone and internet evaluations by certified anger management professionals. Check with your attorney, probation officer, mediator or judge for approval for a phone/internet evaluation. Contact Lynette Hoy, President of the Anger Institute at: 708.341.5438 or 630.368.1880 for any inquiries or ordering needs.

The Anger Management Institute has been providing anger management evaluations and certificate courses for years now and has been approved by numerous courts and employers through-out the USA.

You can order and pay for the Evaluation online in our shopping mall. (only $250.00) Once you order – you will be contacted by one of our certified anger management professionals for an interview and sent the assessment forms to complete. An evaluation will be mailed to you and at your request and written approval – to the official or agency requesting it. The Novaco Inventory is included in evaluation.

Would you like to order anger management coaching instead?? This service includes an assessment, report, one hour training, book and workbook. Order here.

Do you need futher testing for yourself or for a client? You can order thelowing services:

Testing Services for Anger Assessment:
1. Novaco Anger Scale and Provocation Inventory (NAS-PI) by Raymond W. Novaco, Ph.D.  The NAS-PI helps clinicians and researchers evaluate the
role of anger in various psychological and physical conditions. 
This questionnaire is an excellent way to assess anger in clinical, community, and correctional settings.
The NAS-PI is composed of two parts: The Novaco Anger Scale (60 items), which tells how an individual experiences anger; and the Provocation Inventory (25 items), which identifies the kind of situations that induce anger in particular individuals. The entire questionnaire can be completed in just 25 minutes by anyone who can read at a fourth-grade level. (It can also be administered to clients who are mentally disordered or developmentally delayed, though items may have to be read to these individuals.)
You may order this inventory for yourself or counselors may order for their clients. Pre-payments are made to CounselCare Connection by calling Lynette Hoy at: 708.341.5438. Once payment is made the inventory will be emailed or faxed to you. This inventory will be computer-scored confidentially.

Fee: $150.00


Contact the Anger Management Institute at: 630-368-1880, ext. 1
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