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Anger Management Institute

Comments and Reviews

The Anger Management Institute certificate courses and programs have been accepted by the following cities or court jurisdictions. We strongly recommend that students seek approval for these distance-learning programs from their judge, attorney or probation officer. Contact Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V  for information at: 630.368.1880.
The What’s Good About Anger programs are Evidence-Based.
Our courses have also been accepted for mediation settlements and in cases of mild levels of domestic violence. Various courts, employers, probation officers, schools, attorneys and correctional facilities have approved and referred students to our courses! The following comments are from various students and trainers. 

Participants comments
Trainers, Counselors and Attorneys endorsements and comments

Comments from a participant: “I would like to express my extreme gratitude to Lynette Hoy and JoAnn Darling for your continued guidance and support through this process. This was an amazing, impactful educational experience that will and have benefited me both professional and personally. I am so excited and honored to have been given the opportunity to take this course. I am filled with enthusiasm and compelled with compassion, as I look forward to assist others with managing their anger through the education and skills obtained through What’s Good About Anger. Thank you very much. .” John H. Pittsburgh

ALABAMA: Jacksonville

ALASKA: Anchorage, Wasilla

ARIZONA: Casa Grande, Eloy, Glendale City Court

ARKANSAS: Chugiak, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Lowell, Roger, Wasilla

CALIFORNIA: Burlingame, Cuipertino, Dixon; Fremont, Hanford; Kern, Lomita, Madera County; Los Angeles, Mariana Del Rey; Modesto, Oakley, Palm Desert, Pebble Beach, Pomona Municipal Court, Rancho Mirage, Ridgecrest (approved 52 week course), Riovista, Rohnert Park, Sacramento, San Luis Obispo County Court (approved 52 week course), Solano County Court, ; San Bernardino; San Grabriel; Santa Clara; Seal Beach; Sonoma County Superior Court (approved the 32 week course), Southwest Judicial District, Tiburon, Torrance, Vacaville, Vallejo

COLORADO: Arapahoe County, Greeley, Littleton

FLORIDA: Boca Raton, Bradington, Brevard, Brooksville, Dover, Dude County, Duval County, Floral City; Gainesville, Jacksonville; Leon County; Lorida; Melbourne, Miami, Orlando; Palmetto, Polk City; Tampa; Valrico

GEORGIA: Athens, Columbus; Gordon, Hampton, Maysville, Morrow.

ILLINOIS: Alsip, Aurora, Chicago, Cook County, DuPage County, Forest Park, Hanover Park, Highwood, Hoffman Estates, Lake Bluff, Maywood, Mchenry County Court (19th Circuit Court), Monee, New Lenox, Pekin, Peotone, Shiloh, Sleepy Hollow; Swansea, Tinley Park, Vernon Hills, Wheaton, Woodridge

Indianapolis, Portage, Porter County, Rensselaer, Valparaiso

IOWA: Sioux City

KANSAS: Arcadia

KENTUCKY: McCreary County, Wilmore

LOUISIANA: Metairie, Pollock

MAINE: Bangor

MARYLAND: Bethesda, Ft. Washington, Silver Springs

MASSACHUSETTS: Beverly, Boston

MICHIGAN: Cedar Lake; Marysville, Port Huron




MONTANA: Three Forks

NORTH CAROLINA: Charlotte; Lake County in Raleigh, Snow Hill

NEVADA: Las Vegas, Reno

NEW JERSEY: Bridgewater; Brooklawn, Howell; Jersey City; Kearney; Lawrenceville; Passaic County; Ringwood, Sicklerville

NEW YORK: Albany, Alvany; Bronx; Brooklyn, Greenburgh; Hampton Bays; Hollis; Jamaica Queens; New York; Queens Village; Suffolk, Woodhaven.

NORTH CAROLINA: Charlotte; Wilmington

OHIO: Akron, Defiance, Franklin

OKLAHOMA: Alva, Proctor

OREGON: Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland, Washington County

PENNSYLVANIA: Conestota; Philadelphia; Sayre; Slippery Rock

SOUTH CAROLINA: North Charleston Municipal Court


TEXAS: Arlington, Bacliff; Colleyville, Corinth; Dallas, Georgetown, Grapevine, Houston; Lake Dallas, Meadows Place; Pearland; Rockdale;Tarrant Count; Temple, Williamson County

TENNESSEE: Lyles, Memphis, Murfreesboro


VIRGINIA: Oakton, Tangier

WASHINGTON: Issaquah, Kent, Kirkland, Vancouver

WISCONSIN: Eau Claire, Madison, Sharon

INTERNATIONAL: Winlaw, B.C. ,Ontario, Canada; United Kingdom

Participants’ comments on the courses and book:

“Ms. Hoy, I just completed my online quizzes that I had been missing. I submitted my finial exam a few weeks ago. I must say Chapters 13 where the ones that impacted me the most. This course has changed my life!!! I have come so far in 12 weeks, I went from the brink of divorce to bettering my marriage and relationship with my children to where we all agree a better life is ahead. I still have aways to go and I have your book and DVD to guide me along my journey. I truly feel that the LORD led me to you for help and I am eternity grateful to you and your staff.
Forever Greatful!” Michael B.

Comments from a listener of the Quick Tips for Managing Anger Podcasts! : “Dear Lynette: I just wanted to thank you for your anger management podcasts. I began listening to them a couple of years ago, and every monday morning i pick one to rel-listen to.
The biggest challenge for me is the intoxication, but most of the time, if not yet all, your voice and your words, your understanding and the confidence that anyone can get better, help me to let go of the bad side of anger, to stop using the good parts of anger to justify unjustifiable behavior, and to direct my disappointments more effectively. You continue to help me along the path towards the person I want to be. These several hours of podcasts are an unending gift in my life. Thank you.”

“Thank you Lynette. The course has been extremely valuable. God bless you, your family and your work.” D.R. Illinois, Feb. 2016

“Thank you Lynette I Received the book and Workbook and already started on a Self Paced Study. I am also going to a Councilor  as well but i feel i needed something Faith based. I Wanted to give you feedback What i Studied so far Is Great you have done a Great job on the Curriculum. Thank you so much for letting god use you to provide the step i needed to work on my Problem.

God Bless your Ministry”

“I took the course some time ago and it changed my life.” Student, Chicago, IL.

“This has been such an important lesson for me, and I feel that in just this short time of learning I have made great improvements in my behavior and ability to work with others and manage my anger effectively and appropriately. I just feel so much calmer and so much more in control of myself, it is quite a liberating feeling to have let go of all that anger, and to have a greater measure of self control. I have learned how to turn stressful situations into opportunities to improve, rather than seeing them as obstacles to success or reasons to be angry. I have learned to use self-talk in a positive way to be more encouraged and optimistic, rather than angry, and to use positive self-talk to gain control of my emotions. I have also learned to stop (or at least limit) my cognitive distortions and to stop trying to control everyone and everything. Sometimes you just have to let it go.
Let me say Thank You for this wonderful course, it has given me a new direction in life and has already helped me immensely to control and manage my anger in all situations, but particularly at work, where I was having a problem with controlling my anger. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a problem with anger management, it will change their life! I feel that the course has changed my life for the better. Thank you so much, and God Bless You!” Peter, Madison, WI

” Before this course I honestly didn’t realize that “I” have so much control over myself and anger. Anger always had a negative “hold” over me before I actually realized I was so angry. I have a new understanding of myself. I truly found your course inspiring. I have found that I am a more peaceful person now around stressful situations. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.” Natalie, Beverly, MA

“I did not know there was good anger and I did not know it was okay, at times, to be angry. After accepting anger as a human emotion, I was able to focus more on trying to make good of it, instead of trying to hide it.” Daniel, Oakley, CA

“Thank you for a very well organized, enlightened and personally fulfilling course!
8 week Student, California

“I no longer believe anger is wrong. I now use anger as an assertive process. Anger helps me to express my feelings to resolve conflict.” 26 week course Student, Illinois

“The work books have been great and I have worked through them and have gotton alot out of them…. The work books were very helpful….In fact I have passed them along to a few of my freinds to look at.” 52 week course student, Ridgecrest, CA.

“Thank you for providing me the opportunity to take the course on Anger Management this past year. It was a 12 week course but I spread it out between September and January with careful review and reflection. It is probably accurate to say that I have actually done the course two or three times.

The dozens of hours I have spent have allowed me to change my habits and perspective in simple but significant ways.

I think we can all learn how to handle anger in more effective ways. Although I regret the times over the last 11 years where I have not controlled my anger, it makes it even more meaningful to see my own maturity and the empowerment I sense in significantly changing for the better.”” For questions about the course please contact: Jeff, Charlotte, NC

“The first two lessons have been so helpful. I feel like my anger has subsided dramatically already. My mediation went a lot better because of it, so I plan to lick this problem once and for all…” J. from N.C.

“As reluctantly wanting to accept responsibility… this course has been a God-send.. It has brought me back to religion and God and the people I have met … that prayed and really took the time to explain some of the stories in the Bible… bringing God’s perspective back into my life… amazing how all these coincidents keep happening. Maybe it was not by chance. Your lesson plan made me more aware of things I knew and taught me a frame of mind that makes it easier for me to deal with things that happen on a daily basis. The most important is awareness and mindset before you even get to a bad situation.” Student from Florida

“The biblical insight is wonderful! Thank you and God bless you! You have changed my life and I will continue to read this book over and over!” Student from Piscataway, NJ

“Thank you for inquiring about my court case. Fortunately, I come from a very small town in Texas, where everyone knows everyone else, so all that is required is that I print up your letter of completion, and take it in a sealed envelope to the courthouse, to be given to the judge. So, actually, there was no “court,” to speak of–just a time limit. Which you helped me to fulfill. I so very much appreciate your help on this matter. And I especially appreciate your timely responses. I will recommend your program, should I come across someone in the same circumstances, in the future.” Thank you, Student from Texas

“Dear Mrs. Hoy, My attorney received all of the information and presented it to the court. The matter was dismissed in the interest of justice. I really gained alot of insight and clarity from the anger management course, that has helped me deal with the situation and to move on with a positive frame of mind.. Thanks again for all your help!” Student from L.A.

“Dear Lynette, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and to tell you that what I learned in your course still helps me in my everyday life. My family and friends have noticed the difference and I feel the difference, THANK YOU andGOD BLESS YOU ! Your friend , J.” from Oakhurst, CA (sent 9 months after taking course)

“Yes, Lynette, our courses were court ordered, and were approved by the judge. He did not really care which one we took, as long as it was acceptable to both parties. (family court). We received our certificates last week. Thank you, and yes, we are thankful that we had the course. It was helpful.” Two students from Pearland Texas

“Hello Lynette, I was ordered by the court to complete an anger management course. The Madera County ,Ca. court accepted my course completion certificate without hesitation. I still use what I learned in the course almost daily. I had to think about this because now I do it without thinking. It has helped me a great deal in coping with life’s everyday stresses and strains and I believe I’m a better person for it. Thank you again, and God bless you !” Student from Madera County, CA.

“I am taking this course as part of a custody dispute. The coping skill that I feel will help me the most that I got from this course is a renewed interest in reading the Bible and an increased faith in God’s will. I also find the prayer at the bottom of page 27 in the work book very helpful. .This course has personally helped me understand and manage my anger by making me realize that God is the key to all things in life. I now believe that if I maintain a close personal connection with God that my anger will stay at a healthy level. I have learned that I must constantly train myself that when I feel irrational anger coming on to immediately think of God and ask for his help. Rage is no longer my first reaction to anger. God is now my first reaction.” Student from Nevada

“I enjoyed the course, and learned a lot. I will continue to apply the principles I learned, as well as share with others.” Student from Mississippi

This course has provided more insight, new and different tools for lessening the rate at which these feelings develop, and in some ways preventing the feelings all together as is the case with faulty thinking about external events… My marriage, while mutually abusive, was ruined primarily by the tone I set. I was angry. I harbored resentment against my wife and it showed very clearly in the way I dealt with her. I have hurt people’s feelings; I have said things I later regretted. I have acted like a child who does not get his way.only this child has the ability to express himself in ways much more damaging that merely crying and stamping feet. The biggest cost is the alienation that follows. It isolates me from the very people to whom I want to be close. Instead of control, I gained loneliness.
My anger is almost always an over reaction to incorrect thinking. For some time now, I have been trying to retrain myself in my new relationships: The other party is not trying to hurt me or deliberately provoke my anger. I have been trying to clean my filter from this residue. I am making progress. It’s amazing what some corrected thinking can accomplish.” Student from Oregon.

“I didn’t think I had an anger problem. When I first ordered this course I asked to get my course materials as quickly as possible so I could get this over and done with. It was almost embarrassing after I started reading the book because realized that we all have anger at times. It’s how you react to that anger that anger that affects you and those around you. Recognizing this and learning the right way to respond is part of what I’ve learned from this course. I’ve been a Christian for 9 years and thought I knew what to pray for and had a close relationship with God. This course has taught me how to have an even closer relationship and to pray for the right things. Before I was praying for those I disagreed with to see and do things the “right way”. Now I pray to be able to understand other points of view and opinions and to be able to keep an open mind. I have found this course to be immensely helpful in my life. It has helped me to have a closer and more meaningful relationships with my friends, family, and especially with God. I’ve also noticed that my interactions with people in general seem to be more pleasant and I’m a happier person because of all this. Thank you Lynette!” Student from California

“This course and book has helped me feel more optimistic and hopeful….better about myself! This faith-based approach with positive aspects of anger gives me a new perspective on anger. The book helps one reduce guilt and approach the issue more logically.” Student from Chicago, IL

“This course has helped me understand that anger isn’t always wrong and it has a purpose when you use it to bring about positive results. I can seek help from the Lord to control this. I don’t have to and shouldn’t use suppresssion as an adequate coping mechanism. It has helped by giving me an improved technique for managing my anger. Using time-outs and prayer has shown me improvements in my communication with those who anger me. I can be assertive without being angry. It has helped me assert my feelings in a positive way. I am getting improved results”. Bob

Leaders, Attorneys, Counselors and Trainers comments and endorsements on courses and resources:

“I would like to express my extreme gratitude to Lynette Hoy and JoAnn Darling for your continued guidance and support through this process. This was an amazing, impactful educational experience that will and have benefited me both professional and personally. I am so excited and honored to have been given the opportunity to take this course. I am filled with enthusiasm and compelled with compassion, as I look forward to assist others with managing their anger through the education and skills obtained through What’s Good About Anger. Thank you very much. .” John H. Pittsburgh, 8/2019

“Best Guide for Anger Management!! I gained so much knowledge and insight from this outstanding (Expanded 16-lesson) book/workbook that covers so many areas of anger management. It not only includes the fundamentals about anger and tools to manage it, but so much more such as the role of emotional intelligence in managing anger. The author uses a positive, motivating approach in helping the reader understand what anger is and how it can be good! The reader is empowered and supplied with many tools, exercises, insights, clear illustrations and engaging reading! As a professional in the mental health field, I have found this resource to simply be the best out there (and I have read countless books, articles, and research on the topic). I highly recommend it! I also recommend the companion DVDs and certification program that can be found on their website: […] Whether used for personal growth, in a professional or group setting, this workbook can greatly empower, transform and enlighten anyone who is interested in improving their lives, relationships, mental and physical health and overall well-being!!” Krystal K. LPC

” This Anger Management Training and Curriculum is outstanding. It provides extremely helpful information and resources. The Specialist Certification Workshop in November 2013 was organized, concise, and professionally presented. I highly recommend it.” Elsie Woolf

“I wanted to let you know how valuable all your research, tools and resources have been. The groups I am running regarding Anger Management / Coping Skills have been priceless! I really believe that the benefits of your hard work are far reaching, positive and tremendous! Thank you for everything you do and have done to make this curriculum so wonderful, so human, and so powerful. With great respect, Char Richardson, CADC, Illinois”

“I like the tools and references that were avail. I found all the information to be useful. You did a fantastic job with the course!” Maritsa Y., PhD, LMHC, CADC, Florida

“Lynette, Thank you so much for making this available to all of us. It is indeed a blessing. I am very excited to find my nitch and to be able to soon get started.” Dee M., Counselor, Montana

Workshop Comments: “Dear Lynette, Steve (and Glen)! Thank you so much for all the work you went to to provide excellent instruction on anger management. I learned a great deal and had many insights that I desperately needed to move forward with our staff and students (and my own family)!” Lynda B.”

“I found the entire course well organized and useful. The section on forgiveness is fundamental and very well written. I enjoy the treatment planning ideas and guidance. I feel confident I have evidence based goals, objectives, and interventions to use.” M.W. Counselor, Iowa

“Lynette, it was truly a wonderful workshop. Both you and Glen did a great job!” M.K. Counselor, Chicago, IL

“This course has provided in-depth information thats needed to conduct an anger management class from beginning to end. It covers a wealth of skills needed to help people who volunteer for the course to those who are mandated to take the course. The DVDs were great and informative providing the variety needed to complete the course.” Robbie, Counselor, Alabama

“Good Morning Lynette: I received the materials last night when I arrived home from work and I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the material I have read so far. I started reading the book and the Trainer’s manual and I was very impressed with the quality of the materials. The assessment tools that you have provided  for the participants  is excellent. They will greatly benefit from having concrete evidence showing that they are making progress.

Once I complete the training, I  plan to submit information about your program to the VA, so that your program may be considered as an addition to our approved list of Professional Certification Programs. If added to our list, completion of your program will allow VA employees to be eligible for a special advancement for achievement. Thank you for the speedy delivery of the materials and especially for the quality of the materials. Have a blessed day! I look forward to working with you.” Trainer/Counselor in Houston, TX

Pastor Floyd Scott has informed us that the Anger Management Institute curriculum and program have been approved by Dallas County Community Supervision & Corrections Department (CSCD).

” I am impressed at how thorough the Trainer course is and I hope to make good use of the knowledge.” Chester (newly certified trainer), MN

“I have just completed delivering the 12-sessions (“What’s Good About Anger”) with my first client. I am convinced this material is extraordinary and extremely effective. Clearly, there was impact! Clearly, there was a quantum leap in the client’s learning. And clearly, there was substantial change not just in managing anger but in reducing stress.” Chaplain Ted Cheek, CAAMT, CAMS-I, Jan. 22, 2010″

“Our goal is to provide this certified anger management class to our church and community using the Christian anger management materials. Thank you! We look forward to working with you. We found the material to be excellent.” Calvary Chapel, Downey, CA.

“Starting in chapter 1, the anger survey is clear, understandable for adults and adolescences. The anger survey is detailed enough to address specific areas of anger to focus on. In chapter 2 the self-disclosure from both authors was unbelievable. Whoever reads this book will be able to relate to the fact that regardless of race or gender we learn how to demonstrate anger from our environment during childhood development. Meanwhile, I really was impressed with how accurate scriptures listed in the (first edition) book related to the issues at hand.
In both books the basic foundations for dealing with anger is either strengthening or developing a relationship with GOD. Furthermore, in chapter 5 (first edition) you stated, “GOD has a purpose and plan” which I totally agree with. Never is God’s plan for us to act on our anger in an inappropriate sinful way. The book was refreshing, relaxing, informative, insightful, purposeful, inspiring, and a gift from GOD. Thank you for writing the book, and may the good LORD continue to bless you, your family and future endeavors that are just around the corner.” Darnell Autry Durrah Jr., BSW, MS, CAMF
Dedicated to Achieving Dreams, Inc., www.dadservices.com

“How has this course helped you prepare for becoming an anger management trainer/professional? “Wow, let me count the ways…I have some education and experience in this field and I actually thought I was ready to conduct an anger management course before I began this training. Was I wrong! You have not only taught me that there were areas in my own life that I had to better manage but that there is so much more to this topic than I once realized. I am definitely better equipped, have improved resources and feel more confident about conducting my own 12 week anger management course.” Tom, counselor in Fairfield, CA.

“Your material is outstanding!” Pastor, Cleveland, Ohio

” Lynette: Many thanks. I like your court completion letter. You cover all the usual issues better than any I have seen. I am recommending to my client that he sign up and get it going.” Attorney, Texas

Trainer Certificate Course Critique: “First of all, the training has given me the well-organized structure to present the program content to the group members. Second, I have learned to use appropriate biblical texts as a foundation and a guide to assist members through the process of an anger management training based on faith in God. Third, by learning these concepts it makes me fell secure and certain in my role as a group leader. This way, I know that I am doing the right thing instead of improvising. Fourth, the most important among other things, I learned how to appropriately handle an angry person. This teaching is relevant because I, usually, get scared in front of an angry person, for not knowing what to do.” Counselor from Orlando, Florida

The What’s Good About Anger? training was presented in a clear and concise manner. The combination of book, workbook, and leader’s guide offered a comprehensive program in which to learn and then implement. After completing the What’s Good About Anger? training, I felt more equipped to counsel individuals with anger management.
Ms. Hoy treats her students with professionalism and respect by responding timely to individual questions. She has provided on going support to me well after I completed the course. I consider this personal attention to be highly valuable.” Patricia Boyce, LPC, NCC, Delaware

“Dear Lynette, Today I taught the third (and supposedly last) lesson in our ABF. It was a huge success!! The participation was amazing and we had great discussions. Therefore we will have to tack on at least one more session to get through to the cognitive distortions. All the books are sold, and I will need to pick up a couple more some time in the near future for some ‘late comers’ that didn’t get a copy. God helped me out in amazing ways, I have never taught a large group of people before :). Thanks for asking how it went, and also thank you for the leader’s guide. We may form a small support group for a couple of folks that are scoring a little high on their anger tests… so it might come in handy! God bless, and thanks again for your kind support,” B. Medinah, IL
Order one of the Trainer’s Certificate Courses in Anger Management

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Seminar and book comments:
“I was very impressed with the whole presentation! Why is it that I feel like I can finally deal with my anger? I feel freed! Thanks!”
“This seminar and book helped me to understand about my feelings and God’s perspective.”
“I learned about triggers for my anger and the teaching on cognitive distortions were new to me.”
“I found that the assertiveness suggestions and different case scenarios were very helpful!”
“Your presentation of examples from God’s Word and application when dealing with anger were very helpful. This made me realize that I am spiritually weak and need to grow in my faith and God’s Word.”
“All the topics were very helpful and educating to me. I gained insight into triggers for my anger, and a new way to deal with anger through having faith in God.”

What’s Good About Anger is a real God-send for those struggling with anger and for those who have family members who struggle with anger…Anyone could benefit from this book because it looks at the roots of anger and offers very practical Biblical guidelines to deal with anger….As a counselor, I have seen how anger can be so very destructive to individuals and families. Ted and Lynette have done a tremendous job in helping give greater understanding to this issue with powerful proven truths that will definitely change lives.”
Steve Yeschek, LCSW, CounselCare Connection, P.C.

These programs and resources are offered by Lynette J. Hoy, a National Certified Counselor, experienced Marriage and Family Counselor, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Illinois. Lynette and Steve Yeschek are credentialed by the National Anger Management Association as Anger Management Supervisors, Consultants and Diplomates and each has received the designation of Anger Management Specialist-IV or V. Lynette is the co-author of all 4 editions of What’s Good About Anger? and has trained hundreds of students and clients in anger and conflict management.

Contact Lynette Hoy at 630-368-1880, or by mail at:
CounselCare Connection, P.C.,
Lynette Hoy,
1200 Harger Road, Suite 602,
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 USA
Fax: 630.530.2066


Contact the Anger Management Institute at: 630-368-1880
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