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Anger Management Institute

Christian Anger Management Resources

If you are a leader, pastor, Christian counselor or mentor – you will find this program helpful for clients, people in your ministry or congregation: Christian Anger Management Curriculum!

The following describes the content of the Faith edition of What’s Good About Anger? – emphasizing anger management for Christians. Read also about the Fourth Edition (2016 for a general readership) by Co-authors Lynette Hoy and Ted Griffin.

Faith-based Edition:
Now updated- in it’s second printing (2012)! This book is written with a strong faith emphasis geared for Christian anger management. Most people believe that anger is a negative emotion from which no good can come. Many Christians think that anger should not be expressed and that such feelings are sinful. The authors present a biblical approach to managing anger, identifying the process of anger; biblical examples of "good anger"; and how faith, assertiveness, problem-solving and forgiveness transform anger and can be used by God for his purposes.

Order this Faith-based edition and/or the 2 hour DVD. You can order these certificate courses with a faith emphasis on anger management for Christians: court or employer-ordered or school-mandated :

You can order the Anger Management Trainer’s program incorporating the Faith based anger management perspective! Go to the Shopping Mall! Contact Lynette Hoy with questions or to place an order at: 630.368.1880, ext. 1 or directly at: 708.341.5438.

Chapter Titles:

Introduction and Instructions;
Group Guidelines
1. Anger Survey: Anger Log
2. Anger’s Many Faces – personal stories of co-authors; the Christian’s struggle
3. The Power of Anger – triggers for anger; when anger is helpful and harmful
4. When Anger is Good – scriptural examples; handling someone else’s anger
5. The Role of Faith – in transforming anger into good
6. Handling Anger Biblically – examples of Nehemiah, Jesus, Paul
7. Turning Anger into Forgiveness and Grace – biblical examples and steps in forgiveness
8. When to Take a Time-Out
9. Cognitive Distortions
10. Log Your Thinking
11. Plan to Change Your Life by Changing Your Thinking and Trusting God – what the Bible teaches
12. Summary
Application Devotionals for Anger Management – 12 Days

Click here to buy this edition – anger management faith based, or read about the Fourth 2016 Edition written for a general readership.

Order any of the following resources, courses, coaching or counseling services to acquire Anger Management:
1. I am court or employer-ordered or school-mandated to take an anger management course or classes: fast-paced, online course, Twelve, Sixteen, Twenty-six, Fifty-two

2. I need to take a certain number of weeks in anger management skills for personal growth: Twelve, Sixteen, Twenty-six, Fifty-two.

3. I need a fast-paced, online course in anger management.

4. I want a Christian-based course or resource.

5. I need Anger Management Coaching or Anger Management Counseling services.

6. I need an Anger Management Evaluation (includes phone/office assessment and written recommendations – for courts, employers and others requiring you take an evaluation).

7. My spouse and I need a couple’s anger management course.

8. I need a Teen Anger Management program.

9. I want to purchase anger management books and workbooks or one of the What’s Good About Anger? DVDs.

For Trainers, Professionals, Employers, Leaders and Facilitators desiring services for others or certification and training in order to educate, coach, counsel and train clients, students and lead groups:

1. I am an employer seeking help for an employee or manager with anger management issues or looking for anger management workshops, classes or groups. Go to: Employer services.

2. I am a counselor, pastor or leader desiring a faith-based certification trainer’s course in order to teach and coach individuals or facilitate anger management groups and classes in churches or Christian organizations.

3. I am a professional, law enforcement officer or leader wanting to teach and train others in anger management in my practice, community agency or facility:using curriculum for a general audience.
–Order the new: Advanced 40-hour Trainer Certificate course (includes coaching, teen and adult components) or
–the Anger Management Coaching Curriculum or
–the Trainer-Specialist Certification DVD Course for Community groups.
–Attend the next Anger Management Trainer – Specialist Certification Workshops (CEs provided for LSWs, LCSWs, LPCs, LCPCs, addictions counselors)!
–I need to lead and train adolescents in anger management.

What will participants gain from these courses?

A new perspective on anger and how to better manage responses to provoking situations. The book, DVD, online and distance-learning courses teach participants to turn anger into faith (first edition), assertiveness, problem-solving, empathy, conflict resolution and forgiveness. A certificate is awarded to those completing certificate programs upon successful completion of quizzes and exam. Some courses include optional phone training. The What’s Good About Anger? distance-learning courses have met anger management program standards by various court jurisdictions, employers, schools and correctional facilities throughout the USA.

What are the credentials of the Lynette Hoy: Co-author and Institute President?

These distance-learning anger management courses are presented by Lynette Hoy, a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois, crisis counselor, President of CounselCare Connection, P.C. and the Anger Management Institure. She is an Anger Management Specialist-IV, Diplomate, Supervisor and Consultant with the National Anger Management Association having 40 hours of training in domestic violence advocacy. Mrs. Hoy has trained hundreds of clients, couples and students in anger management. Certificates are granted when the courses are successfully completed. Read about Steve Yeschek, LCSW, co-presenter at the conferences and contributor to the training curriculum.

How to order these courses and products?

View all Products, courses at the Shopping Mall and select the First Edition of the book. Order by phone: 630.368.1880, ext. 1.

Contact Lynette Hoy NCC, LCPC with questions: 630.368.1880, ext. 1 or directly at: 708.341.5438
1200 Harger Road, Suite 602
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523


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