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Anger Management Institute

Anger Management Specialist Certification

Why consider specializing in the field of Anger Management?
There is a growing need for anger treatment and violence prevention in our society. If you are a counselor, pastor, leader, mental health or health professional, educator, law enforcement officer – you work with clients, interface with people, couples, co-workers, even professionals who often mismanage anger. Many courts, employers, institutions, businesses and schools are ordering people to take anger management classes/programs which are hard to find and many are not credentialed.The Anger Management Institute- Trainer certification programs provide the foundation for becoming an Anger Management Specialist. Our programs are endorsed and approved by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). Participants who successfully complete our live workshops or home-study trainer course are eligible for the following designation by NAMA: Anger Management Specialist-1 or II (membership fee extra).
NAMA – a national organization headed by Dr. Rich Pfeiffer – provides oversight in the area of anger management training curriculum and credentials Anger Management Specialists. The current Illinois and Texas Anger Management Institute staff approved by NAMA to present and certify trainers are: Seigel Bartley, PhD, LPC-S, CAMS-V; Glen Cannon, LCPC, CADC, CAMS-IV; Natalie Ford, PhD, LPC, CAMS-IV; Lynette J. Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V; and Steve Yeschek, LCSW, CAMS-IV.
Lynette, Seigel, Natalie, Glen, & Steve have all been designated as Anger Management Consultants, Supervisors and Diplomates with NAMA.


Register now  for the upcoming Anger Management Specialist Training Webinar.

Register now  for the March 15-16, 2024 all day webinar trainings to become certified as an Anger Management Specialist I or II with the National Anger Management Association. Presenters Seigel Bartley, PhD, LPC-S, CAMS-V and Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V are each approved anger management supervisors, consultants and diplomates and each credentialed as a Certified Anger Management Specialist-V by the National Anger Management Association. Download the Registration flyer now! Registration closes March 10, 2024.

Become credentialed to offer court and employer approved anger management programs and services at this Anger Management Specialist Training Webinar. These presentations emphasize educational programming, treatment planning and evidence-based approaches for helping your clients and students to better manage anger. Workshops are approved by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) for the Certified Anger Management Specialist-I or II credential! (NAMA membership fee extra — submitted by attendees to NAMA for certification after completion of workshops). Cost includes 2 days of webinar-workshop training, Training manual, book, assessments, 14 CEs/CEUs, hand-outs! Download the  March 2024 registration Flyer! Or pay online below!
Limited number of participants! Deadline for registration March 10, 2024 or until space is filled!

The 2-day sessions of training workshops on Zoom provide: 14 National Board for Certified Counselors CE hours: ACEP #6577; 14 NBCC CEs accepted by NAADAC and many State Social Worker Boards. Approved for 14 CEUs by the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (TBHEC) for LPCs, LSWs, LMFTs; 14 CEUs by NAMA and 14 CEUs by IAODAPCA – program #20104 approved for: Counselor I or II, Preventionist I or II, CARS I or  II, CODP I or II, PCGC I or II, CCJP II, CAAP I, CRSS I or II, CVSS II, CPRS I or II, MAATP I or II, CFPP II, NCRS II. IAODAPCA MEMBERS Call for $50 discount!

Live Texas Workshops at Dallas Baptist University, Plano, TX. Presenters: Dr. Seigel Bartley and Dr. Cook! 

Live Illinois Workshops at Lewis University in Oak Brook, IL.

Online, Home-study Training Certification Programs:
Obtain certification as an Anger Management Specialist-1 or II by taking the Online Trainer-Specialist Certification Course with video (fastest way). Provides 12 NBCC CE hours, ACEP #6577; and 12 IAODAPCA CEUs.

Our Anger Management Trainer workshops and home-study programs provide the following:
1. Certificate of completion of approved NAMA Anger Managment Specialist program (basic content) by the Anger Management Institute.
2. Qualification for the credential (upon submission of NAMA membership and fee) as an: Anger Management Specialist-1 or II. *Home study students need to complete 2 hours of zoom/phone training supervision sessions.

The practice of anger management is not regulated at this time but, courts, corrections departments, employers and others are looking for credentialed professionals and leaders teaching research-based programs/treatment. Thus, the National Anger Management Association is leading the way in establishing standards for the field and for professionals. They have provided the designation: Anger Management Specialist (various levels). You can read more about these NAMA certification levels at: www.namass.org

We provide the certification programs (approved and endorsed by NAMA) which qualify participants for the Anger Management Specialist level one designation.

What will acquiring this recognition and status in anger management do for you and your practice? Provides you with credentials and curriculum to specialize in the area of anger management by a leading National Anger Management organization.

Contact Lynette at 630.368.1880, ext. 1 for more information on training programs.

Anger Management Specialist-I and II Requirements:
Option One: Anger Management Trainer Certification Webinar Workshops
Complete a live Anger Management Institute training certification workshop/program. These workshops certify leaders, professionals, law enforcement officers, pastors, educators and others to teach anger management to groups, clients and classes. Once certified trainers qualify for Anger Management Specialist-1 or II designation by the National Anger Management Association.Option Two: Enroll in a distance-learning Certification Trainer Programs: Includes over 7 hours of Video workshop training!
Step One: Order and complete an Anger Management Institute distance-learning trainer certification program  *Home-study or online students required to take phone/zoom supervision.

Once the basic distance-learning Trainer Certification program is completed successfully (quizzes) then, order and complete 4 phone (30 min) supervision sessions with the Anger Management Institute. You will find these sessions highly beneficial in discussing application of the curriculum to your clients and students, difficult cases or situations, marketing and starting up anger management programs & specialty. Scheduling will be arranged with Steve Yeschek or Lynette Hoy, NAMA Supervisors.

Once this step is finalized – the Anger Management Institute will send verification of your completed certification & supervision to NAMA. You can then complete and send in the NAMA membership application and fee to receive the Anger Management Specialist-1 or II credential!

Call Lynette Hoy at 708.341.5438 to order the distance learning Anger Management Trainer’s course or if you have successfully completed one of the Anger Management Institute trainer’s programs – order the supervision sessions now.

Make organization checks payable to CounselCare Connection, P.C. and mail to: Lynette J. Hoy, 1200 Harger Rd., Suite 602, Oak Brook, IL 60523.

Step Three:

The following is the description of National Anger Management Association: Certified Anger Management Specialist level II. Requirements for CAMS-II designation –
This certification requires a Master’s degree, a professional mental health state license or addictions counselor certification. Certifies individual to provide anger management clinical services including anger management counseling, anger management therapy in accordance with their particular mental health license.

About the Co-author and Presenters of the Anger Management Institute Workshops and conferences:

Lynette J. Hoy, NCC, LCPC, is a marriage and family counselor, crisis counselor and the co-founder of CounselCare Connection, P.C. She is an anger management specialist, President of the Anger Management Institute and a Domestic Violence Advocate. Lynette has recently been recognized by the National Anger Management Association as a: Diplomate, Anger Management Specialist-IV, Supervisor and Consultant. Mrs. Hoy is a National Certified Counselor, a Board Certified Professional Christian Cournselor, and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Illinois. She holds a Master’s Degree in Community and Family Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from North Park College.

As the founder of the Anger Management Institute, Mrs. Hoy has authored anger management courses for court-ordered individuals and provides trainer certificates for leaders and counselors who desire to teach anger management and lead groups. She is a speaker, writer and seminar presenter for community groups and professional organizations.

Steve Yeschek, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and co-founder of CounselCare Connection, P.C. in Oak Brook, Illinois. Steve has been recognized by the National Anger Management Association as a: Diplomate, Anger Management Specialist-IV, Supervisor and Consultant. Mr. Yeschek is an excellent clinician with extensive in-patient and out-patient counseling experience. He is an anger management specialist and consultant with the Anger Management Institute. Steve specializes in counseling individuals with anger, addictions, mood and behavioral disorders and relationship issues. He is an Associate Pastor overseeing the caring ministries and support programs at his church in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Steve has facilitated many groups over the years for various issues especially anger management and teaches skills for anger management coaching.

Contact Lynette Hoy at: 630.368.1880, ext. 1.

Contact Lynette Hoy for more information if you are interested in becoming a trainer and specialist in anger management at: 630.368.1880, ext. 1.

Consider becoming a trainer and specialist. Order one of the Anger Management Trainer Certification Courses


Contact the Anger Management Institute at: 630-368-1880
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